Saturday, 24 June 2017

Summer sharing!

Preparing for a Spanish listening challenge.

Getting together to share great teaching ideas and learn from each other is one of the most useful activities professional teachers can do in order to enhance practice. When we get together we also put ourselves in the position of learners and experience the teaching techniques of others. Here are some of the ideas shared at our recent summer session. 

Monica (pictured above) started our session with a great icebreaker which had us competing to spot lyrics from La Bamba and Despacito and contribute them in the right order using the lines we had on slips of paper or post-it notes. This presented a fun and interactive way to improve reading and listening skills. She says:
"This takes just a few minutes and gets everyone involved and having fun". 

Elisabeth and Chiyomi shared their experiences of Quizlet and got us involved in a Quizlet Live! competition so that we could experience it for ourselves. Quizlet is an online tool which allows teachers (and students) to create seven different types of quizzes in just a few clicks. Vocabulary can be uploaded from an excel spreadsheet. Students can co-create their own list on google docs which can be used to populate Quizlet. The link to created activities can be shared online. 
Chiyomi presented the use of quizlet live, a synchronous, interactive team game which can be used in classroom.  

Quizlet is particularly useful because it:
provides course-specific language
increases student engagement and collaboration
can be used everywhere, on the bus, in the train, outside etc.

Teresa shared information and resources about the Warwick International Higher Education Academy #knowhow project. The project aims to provide staff and students with support in managing their professional online identity. There is an open G+ group where you can ask questions and interact with experts in open educational practice. Here's one of the video tutorials on managing images online: